We offer a modern, conversational approach to language learning.

On our classes, everybody will learn to speak Spanish more quickly and easily than they may expect. The goal of our methodology is to make people comfortable using their new language in practical situations encountered in everyday life, such as travel, conducting business, meeting people, using the telephone, meetings, participating in a conversation effectively, etc. With our communicative and dynamic approach, students will rapidly find themselves speaking their new language from the first day of class.

In addition to a methodology that uses a communicative approach, our teachers all have university degrees and have received extensive training in how to teach Spanish as a foreign language.


Escuela Bellavista bases its language levels on the Common European Framework of   Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1….)

Evaluations and Certificate:

Students take both written and oral evaluations when they start their program to determine their level, and throughout the program the teachers at our school are constantly evaluating students’ progress.
As proof of our students’ efforts they will also receive a certificate at the end of the course. This states the language they studied, their level, and its location (along with any other information the student deems applicable).


Some of the basic principles of our methodology:

Avoiding Translation in Class

Our aim is that you and the teachers speak only in Spanish in class, so we try not to use other languages in the classroom and this stimulates the student to start thinking in Spanish. Students are always surprised at how easily they learn!

Emphasis on Communication

Our methodology focuses on speaking and listening. Grammar, reading, and writing are all included, but we teach it through a very practical approach without being tedious, boring, or repetitive. We believe the key to learning a new language is communication.

Course Books developed by Escuela Bellavista

Our books have been developed by us and the vocabulary presented in them has been studied and tested to be introduced gradually and systematically. This process helps the student to learn to communicate more effectively and with greater ease


Experience and Quality

Escuela Bellavista has been providing world-class language training to students from all over the globe since 1987. Our teachers all have degrees in languages and are dedicated to providing outstanding language instruction to each and every one of our students.

Proven Methodology

Keeping in mind that the ultimate goal of our students is to feel comfortable speaking and understanding Spanish, we have developed our own teaching materials which focus on a conversational approach to teaching the language.


Our language center is located in Providencia, one of the most central and exciting areas in the city. Our school is just a few meters from the metro.


Escuela Bellavista offers comfortable facilities (wi-fi, coffee break, 12 classrooms in 2 floors) in a central location close to everything. Students can expect a warm and friendly atmosphere along with professional service at our school.

Programs For All

From undergraduate students to executives, young to old, our flexible course offerings allow us to meet the needs of any student.

Small Class Size

We know how important it is to practice using the language that one is learning. That is why the maximum number of students in our Group course is eight (8). This allows each student more speaking time in class – an important factor in language learning.

Diversity of extra activities

Chile is very rich and diverse in terms of nature and landscapes and we want you to have the opportunity to enjoy as much as they can! So besides our weekly extra activities, we also arrange weekend trips (at an extra cost) to places like the beach, the Andes mountains (for trekking or skiing), rivers (for rafting), etc.

Free oral practice sessions

Included in all of our programs are exciting and interesting afternoon sessions for oral practice, which happen twice a week at the school, and all students are welcome to attend.

Host Family Packages

We offer packages that include all services (classes + accommodations + tranfer). All of our host families are carefully selected by the school staff in order to provide you with comfortable, friendly, and safe accommodations. We know that the homestay is a large part of the student’s experience with us, and we want it to be the best possible.


• 14 classrooms
• Free usable computer room with high speed internet connection
• Free usable wlan with high speed internet connection
• Multifunctional classroom for activities, with a SmartTV  and digital dolbi-surround
• Two lounges with information board about activities and excursions
• Refreshments for the students
• Room with information for tourism and travel literature


• Tourist information
• Coffee 
• Tea 
• Milk 
• Cookies